An overview about the play inherit the wind

Inherit the wind is a play which was written in the year 1955 by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Lee. The setting is in a courtroom whereby the proponents of creationism battle it out with evolutionists. It is mainly about a science teacher who defies the law and goes ahead to teach his students the evolution theory.

The issue is taken with a lot of weight by the state leading to his prosecution. Due to the seriousness of the offense, Mathew Harrison Brady decides to offer his services as a prosecuting attorney. He is a renowned politician and lawyer and comes out to prove the science teacher guilty. This prompts Henry Drummond to defend the teacher leading to big media frenzy. Although the playwright was motivated to write it as a result of scopes of monkey trials, both the story and the actors are fictional.

Both lawyers are astute and good at what they are doing making the play intense and captivating. However, the play presents Mr Drummond as a very truthful man who is not motivated by fame but truth. At one point he says that he doesn’t care about what is right but the truth. All he wants is to save his client and is ready to go to great lengths to ensure that it happens. In the courtroom he challenges the creationism theory using the bible. Finally the case is over and the prosecution wins. What strikes the person watching the play is the fact that even after brad’s followers seem confused, Drummond is not proud. He set out to ensure that the truth comes to the open. His driving force is not just to embarrass his enemy but to ensure that the truth is set in the open.

The other person who features prominently in this play is a news reporter called H. L. Menken. Although he is on the side of the teacher, his reasons to side with him are the opposite of Mr Drummond’s. He is driven by hidden motives. One of the motives is the attention he receives as a key person covering the case. The other is the fact that Menken has a negative attitude about people who are viewed as righteous in the society and loves to see them defeated. Comparing the two people you realize that although they both stand to defend the teacher in their capacities, their belief is different.

One believes in the truth but the other believes in nothing.

Rev. Jeremiah Brown is the religious leader who has a very overbearing character. This is clearly revealed when he prays for the evolutionists to be smitten by the lord. Although the reverend’s daughter is engaged to be married by the teacher, he prays for the damnation of the teacher’s soul.

The truth portrays Mr Brady as a more level-minded person who calms the fire-breathing preacher down. He also manages to cool down the angry mob. There is a section of people who believe that this play was written to attack the Christians. The truth is that the play and its characters represent two opposing views.

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